Susan’s impact on thousands of people and projects has been profound and she continues to be highly sought for her experience, approach and wisdom to work with communities, business and stakeholder groups across Australia seeking positive outcomes.

She specialises in mentoring, facilitating, training and speaking and is skilled in identifying opportunities for personal and group growth, strategic planning and leadership development.

Her great gift is the way she helps bring people’s visions to reality. This is achieved through identifying the right model of engagement for the individuals, groups, teams, and organisations to reach their goal, and providing the most appropriate skills for this to occur.

Susan is an expert facilitator, community-strengthening specialist, public speaker, host and emcee. Susan’s facilitation style ensures all voices around tables of any size are clearly and respectfully heard, with all participants in any environment feel included and valued.

Susan ‘gets’ people and encourages them to use their particular strengths and talents to deliver the best outcomes in their current situation and fulfil their purpose.

Susan has led well over a thousand projects including community development strategies, economic development plans, organisational strategic plans, governance training and leadership development initiatives.

She uses International Association of Public Participation materials in her community consultation work.


Susan has facilitated thousands of workshops for client groups, including Federal, State and Local governments in the past 30 years.

She specialises in bringing together multiple stakeholders and competing agendas to identify core issues and define actions, enabling participants to reach meaningful conclusions, designing forums that allow people to engage and react in a constructive manner to make a decision and set future directions.

Through her intuitive style, Susan has a gift for managing people through highly controversial and potentially inflammatory issues and situations, harnessing the different interests, strengths and creativity inherent in each group, and delivering the best possible results.


Strategic Planning

Susan is driven to serve people and organisations to help them shape their vision and develop the strategies and pathways to achieve it. She has worked on strategies spanning one-year to fifty years, and has helped organisations, from small community not-for-profits to major national boards. She works from the development of the vision and strategic direction through to the design of implementation plans. She uses many different methodologies, including environmental scanning, visioning, future backwards, and scenario planning. Susan works deeply with organisations so they own the vision and the strategic approach to reach their dreams.


Leadership development

Susan’s leadership training and mentoring builds on a person’s existing skills and knowledge and develops their leadership capacity in practical and professionally relevant ways. She designs and delivers leadership programs for communities, industry sectors, councils and other organisations. Her practical approaches are underpinned by leadership and management theory. Leadership programs are designed around self-discovery, shared discovery and future directions for the participants. A combination of skills development and experiential learning is used in tailored programs.

Susan helps people with a passion to build their skills to work with others to achieve great results for their teams, their organisations and communities.



Encouraging personal development through mentoring is the next natural step for Susan in helping people get clarity of purpose and create a vision and achieve it. Since 2016 Susan has been hosting ‘Plan in a Day – Life On Purpose’ workshops and is always amazed with the progress participants make in such a short time.

Mentoring is a one-on-one opportunity for Susan to dig deep and diagnose what’s needed to get you back in control of life. The skills she teaches people wanting to challenge themselves have multiple benefits: the person grows, and uses their new-found knowledge in their work to build better teams, organisations and communities.

Importantly, she ‘gets’ people and encourages them to use their particular strengths and talents to achieve their personal vision in substantial and authentic ways.

Once you have these skills, they are with you for life. It’s impossible to put a cost on contentment and fulfilment but the investment in education and knowledge is worth it.



Each of us has a story, to help inspire, give hope and show that we are all human and the purest growth we experience comes from adversity in our lives.

Susan has lived through ups and downs, and started from scratch to regain control of her life. It’s a rare story from a person in a unique career that has thrived over three decades. Her story always inspires due to an authentic delivery and message that anyone can shape the life they want to live.

Susan welcomes the opportunity to share her story with your group, conference and event. Please contact Susan if you are interested in booking her to speak.


If you would like Susan to lead you to reach your potential, either call 03 5722 2207 or email

Let us know you what you want to achieve. Susan will then work with you to shape the best way to reach that goal, through either mentoring, speaking, facilitating, strategic planning or leadership development.

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